About the CRCM

About the CRCM

Research, Education and technological and clinical applications

The main goals of the CRCM are :

Research training

Every year, the CRCM trains 40 to 50 Masters students, trainees from engineering schools, bachelor's degrees, and 40 to 50 PhD students - 15 thesis are defended each year.

We welcome both science students and medical or pharmacy students.

Internships in the laboratory, within technological or clinical research teams and platforms are an essential part of the training of future investigators. Industrial partners also participate in the teaching and training of our students.


Cutting-edge cancer research

Cancer is a complex and multifactorial disease, and the medical needs are considerable. Our goal is to accelerate the discovery of new diagnostic and therapeutic targets which are more effective than current standard treatments, and adapted to the patient's profile, to enable the patient to access the benefits of the latest innovations as quickly as possible.

Conversely, we aim to improve our knowledge of the mechanisms of action these new treatments and the biology of cancer through clinical observations and analysis of biological samples from patients.

The strength of the alliance between CRCM and IPC is its scientific and medical excellence and its cutting-edge technologies, but it is also this ongoing questioning and collaborative culture that makes it possible to go back and forth between biology and clinical practice.


Translational research and interdisciplinarity favor the transfer of discoveries into technological and clinical applications


Translational research

Our transversal and multidisciplinary approach to cancer research translates into in the development of scientific projects exploring the fundamental mechanisms of tumorigenesis on a molecular and functional levels, in integrated experimental models, and translating them into diagnostic and therapeutic hypotheses in the key pathologies of cancer of the hospital.


Interdisciplinarity is supported by the CRCM’s technological platforms and the (pre)-clinical platforms of the Paoli-Calmettes Institute, which are equipped with cutting edge technologies.

This allows  academic projects as well as Research & Development programs in close collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.