About the CRCM


Research, Education and Technological and Clinical Applications

The aims of the CRCM are:

Research training

The CRCM trains 40 to 50 Masters students each year, trainees from engineering schools, bachelor ‘s degrees, and 40 to 50 PhD students – 15 thesis are defended each year.

We welcome both science students and medical or pharmacy students.

Internships in the laboratory, within technological or clinical research teams and platforms, are an essential part of the training of future investigators.

Industrial partners also participate in the teaching and training of our students .

Translational and Interdisciplinay research to promote the transfer of scientific discoveries into technological and clinical apllications

Translational research

Our transversal and multidisciplinary approach to cancer research allows the development of scientific projects exploring the fundamental stigmas of tumorigenesis on a molecular and functional level in integrated experimental models by translating them into diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in the key pathologies of our hospital.


Our interdisciplinary projects are supported by the CRCM's technological platforms and the (pre)-clinical platforms of the Paoli-Calmettes Institute, which are equipped with state-o-te-art devices.

This allows both Academic and Research & Development programs to be developed in close collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

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