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The Marseille Cancer Research Center celebrates its 50th anniversary ! -

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31 Mar. 22 00:00
Team : Signaling networks, targets and therapeutics in solid tumors

Biochemistry - Cellular Biology Engineer (M/F)

Therapeutic targeting of MINK1 protein kinase in triple-negative breast cancer negative breast cancer. This study will be carried out by using proteomic tools and antibody development to validate to validate prognostic markers.
The MINKINHIB project is supported by the A*Midex foundation in the framework of the Transfer AAP3- Partnership with the socio-economic and cultural world. This work will be done in the laboratory "Polarity, Signaling and Cancer" directed by Jean-Paul Borg at the Centre de Cancer Research Center of Marseille.

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Jean-Paul Borg Responsable d'équipe
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