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Jan 1970 Nucleic acids research

SLX4 dampens MutSα-dependent mismatch repair.


The tumour suppressor SLX4 plays multiple roles in the maintenance of genome stability, acting as a scaffold for structure-specific endonucleases and other DNA repair proteins. It directly interacts with the mismatch repair (MMR) protein MSH2 but the significance of this interaction remained unknown until recent findings showing that MutSβ (MSH2-MSH3) stimulates in vitro the SLX4-dependent Holliday junction resolvase activity. Here, we characterize the mode of interaction between SLX4 and MSH2, which relies on an MSH2-interacting peptide (SHIP box) that drives interaction of SLX4 with both MutSβ and MutSα (MSH2-MSH6). While we show that this MSH2 binding domain is dispensable for the well-established role of SLX4 in interstrand crosslink repair, we find that it mediates inhibition of MutSα-dependent MMR by SLX4, unravelling an unanticipated function of SLX4.

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