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17 Mar 20 13:00 au 17 Mar 20 14:30

Corine Lebreton (Laboratoire de l’immunité intestinale, UMR 1163, Paris Descartes Sorbonne Paris Cité Universitaire, Institut IMAGINE – Paris, France)

Murine and Intestinal Organoides to explain damage in Celiac disease and to characterize a monogenic disease found in a 3 years old girl with congenital diarreha corinne.lebreton@inserm.fr

(Special Light Sheet Microscopye for 3D sample : Sphéroïd, organoïd, embryo...etc).

Invité par : Daniel Isnardon (MISc)

Abstract : One of the challenges of optical imaging in biology is to visualize in 3D biological structures and organisms.
Recent years have seen the emergence of transparency techniques (also called clearing techniques), developed mostly by neuroscientists to observe the brain as a whole and no longer on tissue sections. To observe a thick sample throughout its thickness, it is necessary to reduce the dispersion of light by homogenizing the refractive index of the tissue.
We used these techniques to study of many organs: the kidney, the tongue, the heart… and small samples such as zebrafish for example.
We have especially worked on murine and human intestinal organoids using clearing and Lightsheet microscopy to study the enterocyte signaling pathways to explain epithelial damage in Celiac disease and to characterize a monogenic disease found in a 3 years old girl with congenital diarreha.

Deuxième partie : Clearing and lightsheet microcroscopy on 3D samples louison.lallemant@inserm.fr

Louison Lallemant (Plateforme d'imagerie cellulaire, INSERM US24 Structure Fédérative de Recherche Necker, Paris Descartes Sorbonne Paris Cité Universitaire - Paris, France.