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27 Sep 22 14:30 au 27 Sep 22 16:00

Dr. Sergio Santa Maria Guerra : NASA’s BioSentinel mission

NASA's BioSentinel mission: using yeast cells to study the effects of the deep space radiation environmen


Dr. Santa Maria is originally from Lima, Peru, where he studied Biology as an undergrad. His undergrad dissertation focused on the genotoxic effects of mining on a high-altitude population. This investigation motivated him to pursue a doctoral degree in Molecular Genetics with a focus on DNA damage and repair at the University of Texas Medical Branch. After his PhD, he continued his postdoctoral work at NYU School of Medicine, where he studied different genes and proteins involved in recombinational repair of DNA damage caused by ionizing radiation. From 2011 to 2013, he was an American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellow. In 2014, he joined the BioSentinel team at NASA Ames Research Center as a contractor, first as Project Scientist and then as the Lead Scientist since 2019. In addition to BioSentinel, Dr. Santa Maria is a Space Biology Principal Investigator currently studying the acquisition of mutations under simulated microgravity and ground studies for a potential biological mission to the lunar surface. Other funded work involves the development of new biosensor technologies for biological research in space.