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Séminaires externes
20 Jun 23 11:00 au 20 Jun 23 12:30

Dr Jon Baxter

 “The effects of DNA topological stress on DNA replication dynamics”



The duplication of DNA requires that all the linkages between the two strands of the double helix are removed. To achieve this, all cells express topoisomerases which act around the elongating replication fork to ensure linkage removal is kept in balance with duplex unwinding. Any disruption of linkage removal leads to an accumulation of DNA topological stress in the DNA which will rapidly arrest fork progression, potentially leading to DNA damage. In the seminar I will discuss my lab’s studies in the budding yeastSaccharomyces cerevisiaeinvestigating how the replication fork responds to accumulated DNA topological stress and where in the genome DNA topological stress disrupts replication dynamics, causing DNA damage. In particular, I will focus on the key role of the evolutionarily conserved replication protein Timeless/Swi1/Tof1 in preventing DNA replication stress at the role and it’s specific role in minimizing the accumulation of DNA topological stress ahead of the elongating replication fork.


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