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30 Jun 23 11:00 au 30 Jun 23 12:00

OHIO & YOU Seminar Edition

OHIO & YOU Seminar Edition
Dr. Dominique Payet-Bornet
        DR CNRS, CRCM

Organizedby the OHIO department

  •  Physiology & pathology of T cell differentiation: insights into T-cell heterogeneity with single-cell approaches. 

    Synopsis: Our work is mainly focused on T-cell differentiation and T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia(T-ALL). T-ALL results from the transformation of T-cell progenitors that are blocked in their differentiation process; it is an aggressive haematological malignancy that can be diagnosed in both children and adults. The outcome of T-ALL patients remains poor notably in relapsing/resistant cases, and for such cases, there is still an unmet need for new therapeutic options. Currently, we intend to decipher key cellular networks underlying neoplastic transformation of thymocytes. We are using mouse models that mimic human T-ALL, in order to investigate how a T cell progenitor deviates from its normal differentiation programme to develop leukemia. In addition to mouse models, we are also analysing primary human T-ALL samples with the aim of better defining oncogenic networks and intra-tumour heterogeneity. Ultimately, we would like to contribute to the characterization of potential chemoresistantsubclones responsible for relapse. Over the past five years, we have undertaken a strong shift towards omics approaches, including the development of single-cell technology and bioinformatic analysis. Thus, overall, our current projects involve multidisciplinary skills from biologists, computer scientists and clinicians.In fine, we hope that our basic research findings will be translated into new therapeutic options and will contribute to improve management of T-ALL patients.

  •  Unlocking Spatial Biology with Orion

    This seminar will be followed by a technology presentation of multiplexed immunofluorescence microscopy with Orion platform (RareCyte). Orion™is a novel spatial biology platform enabling whole-slide immunofluorescence and same-section H&E imaging results for up to 20 biomarkers in a single-round tissue staining step. Orion imaging is achieved in less than 2 hours per sample, making the approach suitable for translational and clinical research. 


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