Offre de stage postdoctoral dans l’équipe dommages de l’ADN et instabilité du génome

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29 Feb. 20 00:00
Équipe : Dommages de l'ADN et instabilité du génome

The team "DNA damage and genome instability" led by Dr. Vincent Pagès aims at understanding the biological consequences of the replication of damaged genomes which is the major source of point mutations, and the initiating cause of cancer.

Dr. Pagès’ team has recently set a new method to introduce a single lesion in the genome of a living cell (bacteria and yeast), allowing to monitor the fate of this lesion in vivo.

The postdoctoral research project proposed aims at exploring the genetic and molecular mechanisms of DNA damage tolerance pathways in the yeast S. cerevisiae.
The candidate should have a PhD in molecular biology or related field and must be familiar with the field of DNA damage. Experience in bacterial and/or yeast genetics is recommended but not mandatory.
The position is currently open and funded for 2 years by an FRM grant. With the full support of the PI, the candidate is also encouraged to apply for his/her own funding.