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Équipe : Télomères et chromatine

Counteracting metabolic disorders by targeting senescence
The Inserm InterAging initiative aims to create an ambitious international research network in order
to boost collaborations in aging biomedicine. The objective is to establish, within five years, a first-
class international network, the accomplishments and projects of which will transcend the limits of
our knowledge on aging biology with revolutionary medical innovations to prevent and treat age-
related chronic diseases and cancers. Interaging partners are grouped in the form of four pairs of
laboratories, each of which includes a French laboratory and a foreign laboratory. The laboratories
belonging to Interaging are: IRCAN, Nice/ Ruijin Hospital,Shanghai; IRCAN, Nice/ Cologne Cluster
of Excellence on Aging and Disease; Hopital Necker Enfants Malades/ Center for Healthy Aging,
NUS, Singapore; and CRCM Marseille/ London Institute of Medical Sciences.
Within the framework of Interaging, the teams of Vincent GELI and Jesus GIL are jointly recruiting
a PhD student to study through different experimental systems based on telomerase induction and the
used of senolytics the links between cell senescence and obesity induced by high fat diet. We are
looking for a highly motivated candidate with a strong background in biology and experience in
mouse physiology. The student will be registered as a PhD student at the University of Aix-Marseille.
The thesis will be carried out in the form of two stays, one in Marseille and the other in London. The
PhD student will receive his/her salary from Inserm. The starting date of the thesis will be the
beginning of the year 2023.
Please send your application (CV stating your previous research experience, Master (or equivalent) rankings,
motivation letter, and a letter of recommendation) to Vincent Géli ( and Jesus Gil