Offre pour un Ingénieur d’Etudes – 1 an + 2 ans de prolongement à partir d’octobre 2023

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30 Sep. 23 00:00
Équipe : Télomères et chromatine

Offre poste Ingénieur Etudes pour 3 ans :
"Spatial Regulation of Telomere Replication and Recombination in yeast”
Team “Telomeres and Chromatin”
Marie-Noëlle Simon
CRCM, Marseille


The team investigates various aspects of telomere replication and stability as well as the cellular
responses to telomere erosion in yeast, human and mouse models. The yeast Saccharomyces
cerevisiae is being used to study the dynamics of telomere repair during replicative senescence
and the role of the Nuclear Pore Complex (NPC) in handling eroded telomeres and collapsed
replication forks. We are looking for a highly motivated engineer to join a project aimed to
analyze the replication dynamics at telomeres and identify the proteome of the arrested forks in
different genetic conditions that modify their nuclear positioning, the compartmentalization of
repair factors or the stress response. The project will involve genetic, molecular biology and
imaging approaches as well as proteomic in collaboration with the platform “proteomics and
Mass Spectrometry” of the CRCM.
The position is funded for 1 year + 2 years extension starting October 2023.
Applications should include a covering letter describing previous experience, CV and reference
letter(s) and contact information to

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Marie-Noëlle Simon Responsable de projet
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