Onco-Hematology and Immuno-Oncology, OHIO


The Marseille Cancer Research Center celebrates its 50th anniversary ! -

The Onco-Hematology – Immuno-Oncology Department (OHIO), led by Estelle DUPREZ and Raynier DEVILLIER, emerged during the structuring of CRCM into research departments. It brings together six teams from the Center and the clinical research in onco-hematology at IPC. OHIO focuses on research in hematology and immunology, ranging from stem cell biology to immunotherapy.

The structuring of OHIO aims to enhance thematic coherence, national and international visibility, and encourage inter-department collaborations. Close relationships between researchers in hemo-immunology and clinicians are crucial, fostering a culture of “bench to bedside” and “bed to benchside.” The upcoming challenge is to strengthen these connections to promote innovation and clinical impact.

Chair : Estelle Duprez & Raynier Devillier

Leuko-stromal interaction in normal and pathological hematopoiesis
Michel Aurrand-Lions

Team Michel Aurrand-Lions

Signaling, hematopoiesis and mechanisms of oncogenesis
Paulo de Sepulveda

Team Paulo de Sepulveda

Epigenetic factors in normal and pathological hematopoiesis
Estelle Duprez

Team Estelle Duprez

Immunity and cancer
Daniel Olive & Jacques Nunès

Team Daniel Olive & Jacques Nunès

Antibody therapeutics and immunotargeting
Patrick Chames

Team Patrick Chames

Integrative structural and chemical biology
Xavier Morelli & Yves Collette

Team Yves Collette & Xavier Morelli