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Mitochondria, potential new therapeutic targets in pancreatic cancer - CRCM PhD Day 2021 will take place on May 28 2021 - La cycline A2, qui maintient l'homéostasie du côlon, est un facteur de pronostic dans le cancer colorectal -

CRCM Organigram

A continuum in cancer research, from basic research, to translational and clinical research

The Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Marseille (CRCM, Cancer Research Center of Marseille) affiliated to Inserm (UMR1068), CNRS (UMR7258) and Aix-Marseille University (UM105) is an original center in the landscape of French research. This originality is not only due to its location in the heart of the Institut Paoli-Calmettes (IPC) but also to his vocation: to advance the biology and medicine of cancer while working at the physiological and pathological interface, the fundamental and the applied, research and the clinic. This continuum between basic research, translational research and clinical research is really the hallmark of the CRCM. As an example, most of our publications are co-authored by scientists and clinicians, which is far from the norm in our discipline.

We explore communication networks (signals, surface receptors, communication nodes…) that regulate the action of cancer cells and immune cells and seek to identify genetic alterations (from point mutations of a gene to complex chromosomal abnormalities) leading to the transformation of  a healthy cell into a tumor cell.

This work has already helped improve our understanding of the disease, to better understand how immune cells fight it and the strategies used by tumor cells in an attempt to escape them. They also led to the discovery of new molecular targets that are now the subject of diagnostic and therapeutic applications in oncology.

Management team

Jean-Paul Borg

Director of the CRCM

Juan Iovanna

Deputy director of the CRCM (Luminy site)

Vincent Géli

Deputy director of the CRCM (IPC site)

Scientific coordinator

Stéphane BRUNEL
19 research teams

A transversal and multidisciplinary approach to cancer research

The CRCM hosts 19 internationally renowned research teams. Their main scientific and medical topics are the molecular basis of oncogenesis and tumor dissemination, as well as the development of innovative therapeutic innovations for breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and hematological malignancies. Our cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary approach to cancer research is translated into scientific projects exploring the fundamental bases of tumorigenesis from a molecular and functional point of view in integrated experimental models - tumor oncogenes and suppressors, signaling and cellular polarity, regulation of the epigenome, genome instability, DNA repair, cellular stress, tumor-host interactions and anti-tumor immunity - and their applications in new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for major pathologies of the hospital.

The originality of the CRCM lies in its capacity to treat major clinical problems (resistance to treatment, prognosis, anti-metastasis strategies …) thanks to our interactive translational and clinical programs involving physicianss, pharmacists and scientists.

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17 technological platforms


Scientists and physicians at IPC and at CRCM have access to state-of-the-art technological facilities, covering all experimental models and all scales of analysis, to improve diagnosis, treatment monitoring and the follow up of patients.