50 years of research and medical innovation


The Marseille Cancer Research Center celebrates its 50th anniversary ! -

The CRCM celebrates its 50th anniversary!

As a pioneer in the fight against cancer, the Marseille Cancer Research Center has been making every effort for more than 50 years to obtain a better understanding of the major biological mechanisms that are responsible for the disease and to translate them into medical innovations.

50 years to obtain to better understand the major biological mechanisms that are responsible for the disease and to translate them into medical innovations.

By maintaining its efforts to characterize dysfunctions of the cancerous cell and immune system, the CRCM works alongside the hospital in a sustainable approach to improving patient care and quality of life, through the identification of new treatments.


History of the research centre.

This laboratory, formerly a research unit, belonging to INSERM, created in 1972 on the hospital campus of the Paoli-Calmettes Institute, became a Research Center in 2008. It has developed its research topics and strengthened its links with hospitals and universities, benefiting from the strong support of national and local authorities. This researcher-clinician collaboration was reinforced by the partnership with the CNRS in 2012.

The continuum of basic, translational and clinical research.

Thanks to this unique positioning, the CRCM has over the years become a key player in research programs prioritized by national cancer plans:
- Cloning of genes and identification of chromosomal abnormalities responsible for leukemia and solid tumors.
- Generation of monoclonal antibodies targeting immune or tumoral receptors and ligands to circumvent resistance to immunotherapies.
- Identification of predictive biomarkers in the response to these treatments.

Education and training.

The CRCM is affiliated with the main strategic players in research and training in France, thereby contributing to the innovation dynamic through the creation and spin-off of biotechnology companies.
An essential pillar in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Cancéropôle, the CRCM is behind the creation of three Aix-Marseille University institutes, with the faculties of Medical and Paramedical Sciences, Science and Pharmacy. It is a major player in medical and scientific oncology education, including mathematics, physics, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence.

Today, the CRCM relies on the latest advances in “omics” technologies to decode the signaling pathways of the tumor cell, as well as its genomic and protein abnormalities, thereby accelerating the development of therapeutics and biomarkers.

Its teams initiate personalized medicine programs with the hospital to improve diagnosis, therapeutic choice and prevention.



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