The RPS cell (Psycho-Social Risks)


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Psychosocial Risks (the PSR cell)
The management of the CRCM has set up a working group on psychosocial risks in order to establish an evaluation and prevention plan that is efficient and coherent with our work environment, and to meet the obligation that will come into force in 2019 to integrate psychosocial risk factors into the single document for the evaluation of professional risks.

This approach is in line with Inserm’s prevention policy towards psychosocial risks within the framework of the labor code, which defines the general safety obligation incumbent on the employer: “to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the physical and mental health of workers.” articles I4120-1 and R4121-1 of the labor code.

The members of this cell :
Claire Acquaviva (CR Inserm)
Gilles Audoly (IR Inserm)
Pierre-Marie Dehé (CR Inserm)
Marjorie Delahaye (PhD student, student representative)
Stéphanie Gon (CR CNRS)
Daniel Isnardon (IR IPC)
Nadine Platet (IR Inserm)
Audrey Restouin (THQ IPC)
Julie Rovere-Reiss (Tech IPC)
Elise Termine (IE Inserm)
Marie-France Tinland (IEHC Inserm)