Genome Integrity


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Chair : Pierre-Henri Gaillard & Bertrand Llorente

Structure-specific endonucleases and genome stability
Pierre-Henri Gaillard

Team Pierre-Henri Gaillard

Telomeres and chromatin
Vincent Géli & Stéphane Coulon

Team Vincent Géli & Stéphane Coulon

DNA interstrand crosslink lesions and blood disorders
Christophe Lachaud

Team Christophe Lachaud

Genome dynamics and recombination
Bertrand Llorente

Equipe de Bertrand Llorente

Homologous recombination, NHEJ and maintenance of genome integrity
Mauro Modesti

Equipe de Mauro Modesti

DNA damage and genome instability
Vincent Pagès

Equipe de Vincent Pagès