Genome Integrity


The Marseille Cancer Research Center celebrates its 50th anniversary ! -

The “Genome Integrity” department traces its origins back to the establishment of the Genome Instability and Carcinogenesis Unit (IGC) in 2006. In 2012, the Unit merged with the CRCM, and the 5 teams of the IGC relocated to a newly constructed research building on the IPC Campus. Expanding to 6 teams in 2016 with the addition of an ATIP-Avenir team, this collaborative group forms a core research nucleus distinguished by its strong thematic identity, the “3R” (Replication, Repair, Recombination of DNA). Fruitful interactions among the teams are bolstered by bi-monthly seminars.

In 2022, the “Genome Integrity” department was established to reinforce our identity and facilitate collaborations. The department investigates mechanisms maintaining genome integrity and their connections to cancer and aging. This work spans from genetics to translational research, in collaboration with clinicians, and is marked by internationally renowned publications. Additionally, the department plays an active role in education, training the next generation of researchers in laboratory techniques and participating in national and international master’s and doctoral programs.

Chair : Pierre-Henri Gaillard & Bertrand Llorente

Structure-specific endonucleases and genome stability
Pierre-Henri Gaillard

Team Pierre-Henri Gaillard

Telomeres and chromatin
Stéphane Coulon

Team Stéphane Coulon

DNA interstrand crosslink lesions and blood disorders
Christophe Lachaud

Team Christophe Lachaud

Genome dynamics and recombination
Bertrand Llorente

Equipe de Bertrand Llorente

Homologous recombination, NHEJ and maintenance of genome integrity
Mauro Modesti

Equipe de Mauro Modesti

DNA damage and genome instability
Vincent Pagès

Equipe de Vincent Pagès