The PEP Cell : Parity Professional Equality


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As stated in the DG HRD PEP note of March 24, 2020, the mission of the Equality Unit is to be aware of the policies and plans regarding Equality and Parity of the supervisory bodies, to actively participate in the dissemination of information, to support communication campaigns, to maintain an updated physical and web display, and to make appropriate proposals to the management of the structure.

The head of the structure undertakes to pass on any information received on the subject to the members of the unit.

The unit monitors the unit’s situation with regard to gender equality and responds to requests for information from staff.

In the event of a request for information on an individual situation, the unit welcomes the person in accordance with their employer’s procedures, and directs them to the appropriate parties, whose contact details the unit has kept up to date. In no case does the unit take charge of the resolution or follow-up of individual cases and is bound by the strictest confidentiality regarding the cases of which it is aware.

At any time, in case of need, the cell can contact the Inserm PEP mission

Les Membres de la cellule PEP sont à ce jour :

Alice Carrier
Yves Collette
Bernard Chetrit
Christelle Cayrou
Veronique Rigot
Gaelle Philippin
Brigitte Kerfelec

Pour contacter la cellule PEP vous pouvez envoyer un message par mail à :