At the Heart of CRCM’s Social Life: Discover the Group That Fosters Cohesion

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The Marseille Cancer Research Center celebrates its 50th anniversary ! -

Interview with Julien Wicinski, conducted by Arnaud Capel, 7 March 2024

1. What is the purpose of the “Social Life” group at the CRCM?

The group was created in 2021 to improve the social life of the research centre and to facilitate meetings for all staff spread over the three sites.

Once a month, the group organises a Happy Hour on the IPC site, which offers a moment of conviviality after work, with activities such as blind tests, quizzes or themed events (Halloween, Saint Patrick, etc.). It is also responsible for regular events that mark the life of the centre, such as the summer lunch or the Christmas party.

2. What are the main strengths and possible weaknesses of the “Social Life” group?

The group needs to listen to the expectations of the staff (especially through satisfaction surveys) in order to propose events that suit the majority. It is necessary to be organised in order to plan all the events that mark the centre’s year. It takes imagination to propose original activities and to innovate. We don’t have any weaknesses, of course, we’re perfect! Well, except that we find it difficult to say no when asked ^^.

3. What are the long term goals of the group to improve social life and well-being at CRCM?

We want to make CRCM a centre where employees feel listened to and can enjoy moments of relaxation and interaction to strengthen team cohesion. Since its creation, the group’s activities have expanded beyond happy hours to include larger events such as the Olympics (with a new edition planned for this year) or CRCM’s 50th anniversary party. We also aim to improve the working environment. Under the impetus of individuals outside the Social Life group, a greening project has been launched to improve the working environment and the relaxation areas. A spring day will soon be announced for everyone to take part in this project.

4. What made you join this group?

I’ve always enjoyed organising themed evenings with friends; I must have been a G.O. at Club Med in a previous life. I’ve also always believed that a pleasant working environment is a driver of efficiency and productivity. Bringing people together and fostering relationships during our events is also a source of motivation.

5. What is the boldest project that the “Social Life” group hopes to achieve?

I can’t reveal my biggest dream here as it would spoil the surprise, but we are trying to organise a happy hour that will undoubtedly be unforgettable… Isn’t that a nice teaser? Our wish is to see even more people at our events. The Blind Test Happy Hour was a great success, and the first CRCM Gamesday brought together over thirty people at its peak! We hope to see even more people at the second edition.

6. Which event are you most proud of?

I think the 50th Anniversary Olympics is the event that brought people together the most and is still remembered. The random selection of teams allowed people who had never met before to bond. We can’t wait to do it again this year.

7. What film or series best represents the group?

I think the show that best represents the group would be Friends. We have formed really strong bonds within the group, even though we have very different profiles and personalities. We don’t have Central Perk, but our group meetings are always fun and full of jokes! As for the music group, it’s difficult, but I can’t mention Kiss because the DUB team’s costume at CRCM’s 50th anniversary party will always be remembered (and Seb is part of the social life group).

8. Which superhero character best embodies the spirit and actions of the group?

We are the Avengers, of course, given the number of members in the social life group! As for me, I’m the Hulk; green is my favourite colour… I’ll let the other members choose their characters!

9. Finally, any news to share?

Don’t hesitate to join us for happy hours. They are really open to everyone (even team leaders) for a drink, a chat or to take part in one of the activities on offer. Don’t hesitate to join us either. We are always looking for new people who can bring a different perspective and new ideas.