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09 2018 Seminars in cell & developmental biology

The planar cell polarity Vangl2 protein: From genetics to cellular and molecular functions.


Planar cell polarity (PCP) refers to the capacity of a tissue, typically, but not exclusively, an epithelium, to transmit directional information across the tissue plane such that its cellular constituents can differentiate, divide or move in a coordinated manner and along a common axis, generally orthogonal to the apical-basal axis. PCP relies on a core module of highly conserved proteins originally identified in Drosophila which can act intra- and extracellularly. In this review, we focus on the vertebrate ortholog of one of these core PCP components, namely the Vangl2 protein. After a brief historical perspective, we discuss novel cellular settings for which a cellular Vangl2 requirement has been recently documented, with a particular emphasis on adult tissues that rely on Vangl2 for the maintenance of their regenerative capacity or their physiological functions. Finally we compile the most recent data about Vangl2 interacting proteins.

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