The flow cytometry and cell sorting platform

Flow cytometry allows the quantitative analysis of microscopic particles, such as cells and chromosomes, by suspending them in a stream of fluid and passing them by an electronic laser detection apparatus.

It allows simultaneous multiparametric analysis of the physical and/or chemical characteristics of up to thousands of particles per second. Flow cytometry is routinely used in the diagnosis of health disorders, especially blood cancers, but has many other applications in both research and clinical practice.
This technology also allows the physical sorting of particles based on their properties, so as to purify populations of interest. The flow cytometry platform of CRCM proposes technical tools, assistance and a technological watch to research teams in order to keep the CRCM’s projects at highest technological level.

The staff of the technical platform cytometry: Manon Richaud (manager) and Françoise Mallet (technician). The scientific responsibility is ensured by Daniel Olive. The service is supported by a steering committee consisting of representatives of the research team, an administrative representative and the Director or his representative.

Platform equipments
Cell sorting

 2 cytomètres trieurs (Becton Dickinson):

un Aria II (3 lasers 405 /488/633nm - 9 PMT)
un Aria III SORP (5 lasers 350/405/488/532/630 nm - 18 PMT)


4 cytomètres analyseurs :

un analyseur LSRII SORP (4 lasers 405/488/532/630- 17 PMT) (Becton Dickinson)
un analyseur Fortessa (3 lasers 405/488/630- 11 PMT) (Becton Dickinson)
un analyseur Canto (2 lasers 488/630 - 6 PMT) (Becton Dickinson)
un analyseur Gallios (3 lasers 405/488/630- 10 PMT) (Beckman Coulter)


Automacs Pro (Miltenyi Biotec) sous hotte


La plateforme est équipée d'un BIO-Plex 200 (BioRad)


1 poste (Mac) équipé du logiciel FlowJo.
1 poste (PC) équipé des logiciels KALUZA, FlowJo, Diva, Weasl et BioPlex Manager.

Pricing platform
Cell sorting

Aria II et III: 144,61€/heure avec assistance Ingénieur


Cytométrie "complexe" 

sur LSRII SORP : 61,94€/heure
ou LSR Fortessa : 53,34€/heure


Lecture: 250 euros / plaques

Education and Training