Microscopy and Scientific Imaging

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The Microscopy and Scientific Imaging facility mainly focuses on photonic microscopy techniques: wide field microscopy, confocal microscopy, structured light microscopy…

The Microscopy and Scientific Imaging facility offers a wide array of imaging equipment that allows investigating the organisation and the dynamics of tissue, cellular and sub-cellular structures using the latest cellular imaging techniques for research purposes: structured light fluorescent microscopy, time-lapse microscopy, confocal microscopy and, very soon, high speed confocal microscopy (spinning-disc technology) that permit to acquire fluorescent and phase contrast images in four dimensions. It also gives access to image processing and analysis tools.

This facility is shared by all groups of the CRCM and open to outside investigators. The facility is supervised by a research scientist and managed by a research engineer (with a PhD degree). It provides training and support to all users, maintains and upgrades materials and software, develops analytical tool and performs technological watch.

It contains the following equipment:

LSM 510 META confocal microscope (Zeiss)
A fluorescence structured light microscope – Apotome type (Zeiss) with a color camera for colored samples
2 time-lapse fluorescence microscopes (Zeiss-Roper Scientifics).
A confocal multiple-point microscope with a « spinning disk », a FRAP, FLIP, Phot-Activation system, able to operate in TIRF mode.

IT equipment with the following image analysis softwares:

Huygens (deconvolution 3, 4 and 5D) in a network hooked on a calculation cluster.
Imaris  (image reconstruction and analysis in 3, 4 and 5D)
ImageJ (image analysis)
MATLAB software in a network hooked to a cluster.
The platform is continuously adapted to best suit the users’ needs and their projects.

Management & contact: Dr Ali Badache & Dr Daniel Isnardon
Date of creation: 2006
Location: IPC
Staff (CRCM): 1 engineer