Transgenesis and cryopreservation laboratory

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Linked to the animal facility, the transgenesis and cryopreservation laboratory produce and ensure the cryopreservation and revitalization of genetically modified mouse strains.


  • Production of mouse models by injecting into blastocysts genetically modified embryonic stem cells from international programs.
  • Decontamination by embryo transfer of mouse models in order to eliminate undesirable pathogens and recover a SOPF status mandatory to welcome the animals into the animal facility.
  • Cryopreservation of sperm for the preservation of mouse strains containing one or two genetic mutations.
  • Cryopreservation of embryos for the preservation of mouse strains that have complex genotype and/or require the maintenance of the genetic background.
  • Quality controls in vitro and in vivo of frozen lines.
  • Revitalization of mouse strains from frozen embryos or from frozen sperm by in vitro fertilization (IVF).
  • Storage and distribution of frozen straws.


  • A laminar flow hood and a CO2 incubator for ES cell and embryo culture.
  • An ES cell injection station composed of an inverted microscope coupled with 2 micromanipulators and 2 micro-pumps, 2 binocular loupes, one of which is equipped with a hot plate.
  • A programmable freezer for embryo freezing.
  • Various small equipments (glass micropipette stretcher and grinder, labeling and sealing machines for straws).
  • A change hood and a rack of 80 individually ventilated cages.
  • Two liquid nitrogen containers located into 2 independent sites for the straw storages.

The transgenesis and cryopreservation laboratory is member of the national network CELPHEDIA (WP3.2 Cryopreservation-Archiving group).