Research teams


Leuko/Stromal interactions in normal and pathological hematopoiesis

Michel Aurrand-Lions Team Leader

Molecular Mechanisms of Tumor Cell Migration

Ali Badache Team Leader

Machine Learning for Precision Oncology and Drug Design

Pedro Ballester Team Leader

Predictive Oncology

François Bertucci Team Leader
Émilie Mamessier Team Leader

Cell polarity, Signaling and Cancer

Jean-Paul Borg Team Leader

Antibody Therapeutics and Immunotargeting

Patrick Chames Team Leader

Epithelial stem cells and cancer

Emmanuelle Charafe-jauffret Team Leader
Christophe Ginestier Team Leader

Integrative Structural and Chemical Biology

Yves Collette Team Leader
Xavier Morelli Team Leader

Signaling, Hematopoiesis and Mechanism of Oncogenesis

Paulo De Sepulveda Team Leader
Patrice Dubreuil Team Leader

Epigenetic factors in hematopoiesis

Estelle Duprez Team Leader

Structure-Specific Endonucleases and Genome Stability

Pierre-Henri Gaillard Team Leader

Telomeres and chromatin

Vincent Géli Team Leader

Pancreatic cancer

Juan Iovanna Team Leader

DNA interstrand crosslink lesions and blood disorder

Christophe Lachaud Team Leader

Genome Dynamics and Recombination

Bertrand Llorente Team Leader

Homologous Recombination, NHEJ and Maintenance of Genomic Integrity

Mauro Modesti Team Leader

Immunity and Cancer

Jacques Nunès Team Leader
Daniel Olive Team Leader

DNA damage and genome instability

Vincent Pagès Team Leader

Spatio-Temporal Regulation of Cell Signaling – Scaffolds & Phosphoinositides

Pascale Zimmermann Team Leader