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The ambition of the COMPO Inria-Inserm joint project-team is to develop novel mathematical models integrating data available in clinical oncology (from clinical trials and routine care), in order to provide decision-making tools to oncologists.

The scientific activity of COMPO is concerned with inventing and developing new mathematical models and computational methodologies in order to integrate data from clinical (trials and routine care) and experimental oncology into explicative and predictive models. The focus is on longitudinal (dynamic) data and methods aim to combine mechanistic modeling (i.e., models that simulate the pharmaco-patho-physiological processes) with statistical (machine) learning. The main goals are:

  1. to develop personalized oncology
  2. to assist the design and predictive analysis of clinical trials.

To achieve these, the team uniquely gathers mathematicians, pharmacologists and medical oncologists. The research activity is structured around three main axes:

  1. Quantitative modeling for personalized clinical oncology;
  2. Individualizing anticancer drugs regimen; and
  3. Optimizing combinatorial strategies with immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Click here for the 2022 Activity Report.


  • Personalized clinical oncology
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Pharmacometrics
  • Mechanistic modeling
  • Data science

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