The Marseille Cancer Research Center celebrates its 50th anniversary ! -

How does the immune system of the animal or the patient respond to the treatment ?

This question is at the heart of the concerns of scientists, clinicians and industrialists who seek to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of a new drug.

Ultimately, the answer will largely determine their decision: the continuation or discontinuation of development of the compound. A fortiori, when the latter acts directly on the immune system as a cytokine, a monoclonal antibody or a vaccine.

Integrated within the team “tumor immunology,” of Pr Daniel Olive, the immunomonitoring platform designs, makes and interprets the molecular and cellular tests that quantify and qualify the many facets of the immune response and in turn reduce the uncertainties of the development of these agents.

Data from these tests also permits exploration of new directions that complement to the study of archived material from the tumor bank.