Eddy Pasquier was awarded the bronze medal by the CNRS -

Proteomics technologies allow the simultaneous (structural and functional) analysis of large sets of protein samples both for medical (diagnosis, prognosis,…) and research purposes.

Since its creation in 2002, the CRCM Proteomics facility has set-up new technologies to study proteomes and to answer the increasing demand in this field. Today, the CRCM Proteomics facility belongs to Marseille Proteomics  MaP (Marseille Protéomique). MaP is a four-site proteomics facility, which besides mass spectrometry offers a wide panel of complementary techniques for protein identification and characterization, biomolecule quantification, biomarker discovery, binding studies and bioinformatics services. MaP is labelled IBiSA since its creation in 2008 and offers partnership, collaborative and fee-for-service opportunities for basic and clinical research but also for industry. This structuration led to strengthen expertise in the diverse proteomics field and technologies needed to accompany local, national or international scientific projects.

At CRCM, MaP has specifically set up quantitative based mass spectrometry methods (TMT, label-free, SILAC) for the discovery of biomarkers in clinical proteomics as well as for more fundamental research. Long-time expertise in “Interactomic projects” using affinity purification and mass spectrometry (AP-MS), which led to the discovery of numerous new protein complexes, remained a specificity of our site.

Others Proteomics approaches as chemoproteomics are some technologies that we also propose.

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