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Sep 2011 European journal of medicinal chemistry

Acyclic nucleoside thiophosphonates as potent inhibitors of HIV and HBV replication.


Barral K, Weck C, Payrot N, Durafour C, Zoulim F, Neyts J, Balzarini J, Canard B, Priet S, Alvarez K


9-[2-(Thiophosphonomethoxy)ethyl]adenine 3 and (R)-9-[2-(Thiophosphonomethoxy)propyl]adenine 4 were synthesized as the first thiophosphonate nucleosides bearing a sulfur atom at the α-position of the acyclic nucleoside phosphonates PMEA and PMPA. Thiophosphonates S-PMEA 3 and S-PMPA 4 were evaluated for in vitro activity against HIV-1 (subtypes A to G), HIV-2 and HBV-infected cells, and found to exhibit potent antiretroviral activity. We showed that their diphosphate forms S-PMEApp 5 and S-PMPApp 6 are readily incorporated by wild-type (WT) HIV-1 RT into DNA and act as DNA chain terminators. Compounds 3 and 4 were evaluated for in vitro activity against a broad panel of DNA and RNA viruses and displayed beside HIV a moderate activity against herpes simplex virus and vaccinia viruses. In order to measure enzymatic stabilities of the target derivatives 3 and 4, kinetic data and decomposition pathways were studied at 37 °C in several media.

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