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Dec 2007 Journal of medicinal chemistry

Amine-guanidine switch: a promising approach to improve DNA binding and antiproliferative activities.


Ohara K, Smietana M, Restouin A, Mollard S, Borg JP, Collette Y


A series of polyaromatic guanidino derivatives was synthesized and evaluated for growth inhibitory properties in several human carcinoma cell lines. The properties of these guanidino compounds were compared to those of their corresponding synthetic amino precursors. The size of the polyaromatic ring system as well as the length of the tether attached to the ring had a direct impact on the observed antiproliferative profiles, compound 14 having the broadest spectrum of activity. As both series intercalate DNA, guanidine derivatives showed a remarkable affinity for DNA and the guanidinium group appeared to be essential, yet not sufficient for caspase-3/7 activation. Compound 14 also showed significant in vivo activity against breast cancer cell xenografts in NOG/SCID mice. These results suggest that the electronic nature of chain tethering an intercalator not only influences the DNA-binding process but also controls the antitumoral activity of the whole compound.

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