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Jan 2013 Oncology

Analysis of germline gene copy number variants of patients with sporadic pancreatic adenocarcinoma reveals specific variations.


Fanale D, Iovanna JL, Calvo EL, Berthezene P, Belleau P, Dagorn JC, Ancona C, Catania G, D'Alia P, Galvano A, Gulotta E, Lo Dico S, Passiglia F, Bronte G, Midiri M, Lo Re G, Cicero G, Bazan V


The rapid fatality of pancreatic cancer is, in large part, the result of diagnosis at an advanced stage in the majority of patients. Identification of individuals at risk of developing pancreatic adenocarcinoma would be useful to improve the prognosis of this disease. There is presently no biological or genetic indicator allowing the detection of patients at risk. Our main goal was to identify copy number variants (CNVs) common to all patients with sporadic pancreatic cancer.

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