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Aug 2018 Oncotarget

and isoforms are both efficient to drive B cell differentiation.


Cresson C, Péron S, Jamrog L, Rouquié N, Prade N, Dubois M, Hébrard S, Lagarde S, Gerby B, Mancini SJC, Cogné M, Delabesse E, Delpy L, Broccardo C


Pax5 is the guardian of the B cell identity since it primes or enhances the expression of B cell specific genes and concomitantly represses the expression of B cell inappropriate genes. The tight regulation of is therefore required for an efficient B cell differentiation. A defect in its dosage can translate into immunodeficiency or malignant disorders such as leukemia or lymphoma. is expressed from two different promoters encoding two isoforms that only differ in the sequence of their first alternative exon. Very little is known regarding the role of the two isoforms during B cell differentiation and the regulation of their expression. Our work aims to characterize the mechanisms of regulation of the expression balance of these two isoforms and their implication in the B cell differentiation process using murine analyses. We show that these two isoforms are differentially regulated but have equivalent function during early B cell differentiation and may have functional differences after B cell activation. The tight control of their expression may thus reflect a way to finely tune Pax5 dosage during B cell differentiation process.

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