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Jul 2009 Circulation research

Angiomotin-like protein 1 controls endothelial polarity and junction stability during sprouting angiogenesis.


Zheng Y, Vertuani S, Nyström S, Audebert S, Meijer I, Tegnebratt T, Borg JP, Uhlén P, Majumdar A, Holmgren L


We have previously shown that angiomotin (Amot) is essential for endothelial cell migration during mouse embryogenesis. However, approximately 5% of Amot knockout mice survived without any detectable vascular defects. Angiomotin-like protein 1 (AmotL1) potentially compensates for the absence of Amot as it is 62% homologous to Amot and exhibits similar expression pattern in endothelial cells.

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