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Sep 2009 PloS one

Caveolae contribute to the apoptosis resistance induced by the alpha(1A)-adrenoceptor in androgen-independent prostate cancer cells.


Katsogiannou M, El Boustany C, Gackiere F, Delcourt P, Athias A, Mariot P, Dewailly E, Jouy N, Lamaze C, Bidaux G, Mauroy B, Prevarskaya N, Slomianny C


During androgen ablation prostate cancer cells’ growth and survival become independent of normal regulatory mechanisms. These androgen-independent cells acquire the remarkable ability to adapt to the surrounding microenvironment whose factors, such as neurotransmitters, influence their survival. Although findings are becoming evident about the expression of alpha(1A)-adrenoceptors in prostate cancer epithelial cells, their exact functional role in androgen-independent cells has yet to be established. Previous work has demonstrated that membrane lipid rafts associated with key signalling proteins mediate growth and survival signalling pathways in prostate cancer cells.

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