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Géraldine Guasch (CRCM) - Publication dans Nature Communications -

05 2019 Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology

CD146 deficiency promotes plaque formation in a mouse model of atherosclerosis by enhancing RANTES secretion and leukocyte recruitment.


Blin MG, Bachelier R, Fallague K, Moussouni K, Aurrand-Lions M, Fernandez S, Guillet B, Robert S, Foucault-Bertaud A, Blot-Chabaud M, Dignat-George F, Leroyer AS


The progression of atherosclerosis is based on the continued recruitment of leukocytes in the vessel wall. The previously described role of CD146 in leukocyte infiltration suggests an involvement for this adhesion molecule in the inflammatory response. In this study, we investigated the role of CD146 in leukocyte recruitment by using an experimental model of atherogenesis.

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