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Nov 1984 The EMBO journal

Cell cycle-dependent expression of early viral genes in one group of simian virus 40-transformed rat cells.


Lawrence JJ, Coulier F, Jeunet E, Billotey V, Birg F


SV40-transformed FR 3T3 rat cells were previously shown to exhibit different patterns of accumulation of the virus-coded T-antigen. One group of transformants accumulates T-antigen throughout the cell cycle, whereas in another group, only the cells in the G2 phase of the cell cycle are stained by immunofluorescence with anti-T antigen antibodies. We investigated the mechanism involved by determining the amounts of early SV40 RNA during the cell cycle. Cells in the various phases of the cell cycle were sorted from an asynchronously growing population using a flow cytofluorimeter. Determination of the amounts of viral RNA in the different nuclear and cytoplasmic RNA fractions showed that in transformants with a G2-restricted accumulation of T-antigen, viral RNA was present in G2, to some extent in S, but could not be detected in cells in G1. In contrast, equivalent amounts of viral RNA were detected in all the phases of the cell cycle in the other group of transformants. Cell sorting, performed after pulse-labeling the cells for 2 h with [35S]methionine, confirmed that translation of the viral mRNAs occurred only in G2 in the first group of transformants, and throughout the cell cycle in the second group.

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