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Mar 1989 Oncogene

Characterization of the HST-related FGF.6 gene, a new member of the fibroblast growth factor gene family.


Marics I, Adelaide J, Raybaud F, Mattei MG, Coulier F, Planche J, de Lapeyriere O, Birnbaum D


By screening a mouse cosmid library with a human HST probe under reduced conditions of stringency, we isolated several positive clones. One of them was identified as a new member of the fibroblast growth factor gene family, and called FGF.6. The human FGF.6 gene was subsequently isolated and sequenced. The deduced amino-acid sequence exhibited 70% identity with the HST gene product over the C-terminal two-thirds of the putative protein. FGF.6 was mapped to chromosome 12 at band p13 by in situ hybridization. The cloned normal human gene was able to transform mouse NIH3T3 fibroblasts using both focus- and tumorigenicity-assays.

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