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Jan 2011 Clinical endocrinology

Comparison of [¹¹¹In]pentetreotide-SPECT and [¹⁸F]FDOPA-PET in the localization of extra-adrenal paragangliomas: the case for a patient-tailored use of nuclear imaging modalities.


Charrier N, Deveze A, Fakhry N, Sebag F, Morange I, Gaborit B, Barlier A, Carmona E, De Micco C, Garcia S, Palazzo FF, Lavieille JP, Zanaret M, Henry JF, Mundler O, Taïeb D


The aim of this prospective study was to compare the diagnostic value of [¹⁸F]FDOPA-PET and [¹¹¹In]pentetreotide-SPECT somatostatin receptor scintigraphy (SRS) in patients with nonmetastatic extra-adrenal paragangliomas (PGLs). Twenty-five consecutive unrelated patients who were known or suspected of having nonmetastatic extra-adrenal PGLs were prospectively evaluated with SRS and [¹⁸F]FDOPA-PET. ¹³¹I-MIBG and [¹⁸F]FDG-PET were added to the work-up in patients with a personal or familial history of PGL, predisposing mutations, abdominal PGLs, metanephrine hypersecretion and abdominal foci on SRS and/or [¹⁸F]FDOPA-PET.

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