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Jan 2018 International journal of nanomedicine

Docetaxel-trastuzumab stealth immunoliposome: development and in vitro proof of concept studies in breast cancer.


Rodallec A, Giacometti S, Maccario H, Correard F, Mas E, Orneto C, Savina A, Bouquet F, Lacarelle B, Ciccolini J, Fanciullino R


Trastuzumab plus docetaxel is a mainstay to treat HER2-positive breast cancers. However, developing nanoparticles could help to improve the efficacy/toxicity balance of this doublet by improving drug trafficking and delivery to tumors. This project aimed to develop an immunoliposome in breast cancer, combining docetaxel encapsulated in a stealth liposome engrafted with trastuzumab, and comparing its performances on human breast cancer cell lines with standard combination of docetaxel plus trastuzumab.

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