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Mar 2012 Molecular pharmaceutics

Efficient delivery of sticky siRNA and potent gene silencing in a prostate cancer model using a generation 5 triethanolamine-core PAMAM dendrimer.


Liu X, Laurini E, Posocco P, Pricl S, Qu F, Rocchi P, Peng L


Successful achievement of RNA interference in therapeutic applications requires safe and efficient vectors for siRNA delivery. In the present study, we demonstrate that a triethanolamine (TEA)-core PAMAM dendrimer of generation 5 (G(5)) is able to deliver sticky siRNAs bearing complementary A(n)/T(n) 3′-overhangs effectively to a prostate cancer model in vitro and in vivo and produce potent gene silencing of the heat shock protein 27, leading to a notable anticancer effect. The complementary A(n)/T(n) (n = 5 or 7) overhangs characteristic of these sticky siRNA molecules help the siRNA molecules self-assemble into « gene-like » longer double-stranded RNAs thus endowing a low generation dendrimer such as G(5) with greater delivery capacity. In addition, the A(n)/T(n) (n = 5 or 7) overhangs act as protruding molecular arms that allow the siRNA molecule to enwrap the dendrimer and promote a better interaction and stronger binding, ultimately contributing toward the improved delivery activity of G(5). Consequently, the low generation dendrimer G(5) in combination with sticky siRNA therapeutics may constitute a promising gene silencing-based approach for combating castration-resistant prostate tumors or other cancers and diseases, for which no effective treatment currently exists.

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