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Jan 2010 Inflammatory bowel diseases

Epithelial vanin-1 controls inflammation-driven carcinogenesis in the colitis-associated colon cancer model.


Pouyet L, Roisin-Bouffay C, Millet V, Chasson L, Issaly N, Rostan A, Hofman P, Naquet P, Galland F


Vanin-1 is an epithelial pantetheinase that provides cysteamine to tissue and regulates response to stress. Vanin-1 is expressed by enterocytes, and its absence limits intestinal epithelial cell production of proinflammatory signals. A link between chronic active inflammation and cancer is illustrated in patients with ulcerative colitis, who have an augmented risk of developing colorectal cancer. Indeed, sustained inflammation provides advantageous growth conditions to tumors. We examined whether epithelial cells affect tumorigenesis through vanin-1-dependent modulation of colonic inflammation.

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