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Nov 2012 The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism

Expression of the ring ligase PRAJA2 in thyroid cancer.


Cantara S, D'Angeli F, Toti P, Lignitto L, Castagna MG, Capuano S, Prabhakar BS, Feliciello A, Pacini F


In thyroid cells, binding of TSH to its receptor increases cAMP levels, sustaining thyrocytes growth and hormone production. The main cAMP effector enzyme is protein kinase A (PKA). Praja2 is a widely expressed RING (Really Interesting New Gene) ligase, which degrades the regulatory subunits of PKA, thus controlling the strength and duration of PKA signaling in response to cAMP. Differentiated thyroid cancer expresses a functional TSH receptor, and its growth and progression are positively regulated by TSH and cAMP signaling.

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