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Oct 2014 Breast (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Genomic profiling of inflammatory breast cancer: a review.


Bertucci F, Finetti P, Vermeulen P, Van Dam P, Dirix L, Birnbaum D, Viens P, Van Laere S


Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is a rare but aggressive form of breast cancer. Despite efforts in the past decade to delineate the molecular biology of IBC by applying high-throughput molecular profiling technologies to clinical samples, IBC remains insufficiently characterized. The reasons for that include limited sizes of the study population, heterogeneity with respect to the composition of the IBC and non-IBC control groups and technological differences across studies. In 2008, the World IBC Consortium was founded to foster collaboration between research groups focusing on IBC. One of the initial projects was to redefine the molecular profile of IBC using an unprecedented number of samples and search for gene signatures associated with survival and response to neo-adjuvant chemotherapy. Here, we provide an overview of all the molecular profiling studies that have been performed on IBC clinical samples to date.

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