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CRCM PhD Day 2021 will take place on May 28 2021 - Les mitochondries nouvelles cibles thérapeutiques potentielles dans le cancer du pancréas - La cycline A2, qui maintient l'homéostasie du côlon, est un facteur de pronostic dans le cancer colorectal -

Aug 2007 Breast (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Inflammatory breast cancers in Tunisia and France show similar immunophenotypes.


Charafe-Jauffret E, Mrad K, Intidhar Labidi S, Ben Hamida A, Ben Romdhane K, Ben Abdallah M, Ginestier C, Esterni B, Birnbaum D, Ben Ayed F, Xerri L, Viens P, Mezlini A, Jacquemier J


Inflammatory breast cancers (IBC) have specific immunophenotypic profiles as compared to non-inflammatory (non-IBC): combined differential expression of estrogen receptor, Ki67, E-cadherin, MUC1, and ERBB2 can be used as an IBC signature. It is thought that IBC occurs with a high frequency in Tunisia. The aim of this study is to evaluate this signature on a Tunisian series.

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