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Aug 2015 Blood

Long-term efficacy and safety of cladribine (2-CdA) in adult patients with mastocytosis.


Barete S, Lortholary O, Damaj G, Hirsch I, Chandesris MO, Elie C, Hamidou M, Durieu I, Suarez F, Grosbois B, Limal N, Gyan E, Larroche C, Guillet G, Kahn JE, Casassus P, Amazzough K, Coignard-Biehler H, Georgin-Lavialle S, Lhermitte L, Fraitag S, Canioni D, Dubreuil P, Hermine O


Mastocytosis (M) is a clonal myeloid-disabling disorder for which no curative therapy is currently available. Cladribine (2-chlorodeoxyadenosine [2-CdA]) is a synthetic purine analog cytoreductive treatment, for which efficacy is mostly reported in advanced M. Here we report, with a long-term follow-up period (>10 years) efficacy and safety in 68 adult patients with M (36 [53%] had indolent M and 32 [47%] had advanced M) treated by 2-CdA (0.14 mg/kg in infusion or subcutaneously, days 1-5; repeated at 4-12 weeks until 1 to 9 courses). Median 2-CdA courses number was 3.7 (1-9). The overall response rate was 72% (complete remission [R]/major/partial R: 0%/47%/25%) and according to indolent/advanced M was 92% (major/partial R: 56%/36%) and 50% (major/partial R: 37.5%/12.5%), respectively. Clinical improvement was observed for 10 of 11 mediator release and 6 of 7 mast cell infiltration-related symptoms including urticaria pigmentosa and organomegaly (P < .02). Serum tryptase levels decreased (P = .01). Median durations of response were 3.71 (0.1-8) and 2.47 (0.5-8.6) years for indolent and aggressive M, respectively. The most frequent grade 3/4 toxicities were lymphopenia (82%), neutropenia (47%), and opportunistic infections (13%). 2-CdA appears to provide a significant efficacy with some toxicity in various M subtypes, mostly in indolent M, refractory to multiple symptomatic therapies.

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