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Jul 2012 European journal of haematology

Mast cell leukemia: identification of a new c-Kit mutation, dup(501-502), and response to masitinib, a c-Kit tyrosine kinase inhibitor.


Georgin-Lavialle S, Lhermitte L, Suarez F, Yang Y, Letard S, Hanssens K, Feger F, Renand A, Brouze C, Canioni D, Asnafi V, Chandesris MO, Aouba A, Gineste P, Macintyre E, Mansfield CD, Moussy A, Lepelletier Y, Dubreuil P, Hermine O


Most patients with systemic mastocytosis bear mutations in the tyrosine kinase receptor gene c-Kit. Limited treatment options exist for mast cell leukemia, a rare form of systemic mastocytosis associated with a dire prognosis. Our aim was to investigate c-Kit mutations associated with mast cell leukemia and find new treatment for this severe form of mastocytosis.

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