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Feb 2008 The Journal of biological chemistry

Memo is homologous to nonheme iron dioxygenases and binds an ErbB2-derived phosphopeptide in its vestigial active site.


Qiu C, Lienhard S, Hynes NE, Badache A, Leahy DJ


Memo (mediator of ErbB2-driven cell motility) is a 297-amino-acid protein recently shown to co-precipitate with the C terminus of ErbB2 and be required for ErbB2-driven cell motility. Memo is not homologous to any known signaling proteins, and how it mediates ErbB2 signals is not known. To provide a molecular basis for understanding Memo function, we have determined and report here the 2.1A crystal structure of human Memo and show it be homologous to class III nonheme iron-dependent dioxygenases, a structural class that now includes a zinc-binding protein of unknown function. No metal binding or enzymatic activity can be detected for Memo, but Memo does bind directly to a specific ErbB2-derived phosphopeptide encompassing Tyr-1227 using its vestigial enzymatic active site. Memo thus represents a new class of phosphotyrosine-binding protein.

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