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Apr Jan 2018 Case reports in oncology

Metastatic Intimal Sarcoma of the Pulmonary Artery Sensitive to Carboplatin-Vinorelbine Chemotherapy: Case Report and Literature Review.


Cantaloube M, Moureau-Zabotto L, Mescam L, Monneur A, Deluca V, Guiramand J, Perrot D, Bertucci F


Pulmonary artery intimal sarcoma (PAIS) is a very rare tumour with a very poor prognosis. In advanced stages, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are poorly efficient, and no standard chemotherapy guideline is currently available. Here, we report on a 37-year-old woman with PAIS initially treated with surgical resection who developed metastatic relapse refractory to anthracycline-based chemotherapy, then trabectedin, then pazopanib. The patient was then given carboplatin-vinorelbine chemotherapy. The treatment was well tolerated, and, rapidly, a CT scan showed an objective response that lasted 8 months despite the 4th therapeutic line. We review the literature and show that our case is the second one that provides evidence of the efficacy of platinum-vinorelbine regimens in this aggressive tumour.

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