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Jun 2009 Trends in molecular medicine

Natural killer and gammadelta T cells in haematological malignancies: enhancing the immune effectors.


Rey J, Veuillen C, Vey N, Bouabdallah R, Olive D


Human natural killer (NK) and gamma delta (gammadelta) T cells are potent effectors involved in the destruction of abnormal cells. Accumulating clinical and experimental data point towards a key role for NK cells and gammadelta T cells in the control of most, if not all, haematological malignancies. This review focuses on the alterations in these effector cells found in patients with haematological malignancies, which might explain an escape from innate immune surveillance. We discuss new anti-cancer drugs that target these effector cells indirectly or directly. Finally, we review future strategies that offer the possibility of enhancing the effector functions of NK and gammadelta T cells against haematological malignancies.

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