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Aug 2010 The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy

New insights into the antibacterial mechanism of action of squalamine.


Alhanout K, Malesinki S, Vidal N, Peyrot V, Rolain JM


Antimicrobial resistance is an increasingly life-threatening problem that emphasizes the need to develop new antibacterial agents. The in vitro antibacterial activity of squalamine, a natural aminosterol, has been previously demonstrated against multidrug-resistant bacteria and moulds. Although the antibacterial activity of squalamine was found to correlate with that of other drugs, such as colistin, against Gram-negative bacteria, the former was active against Gram-positive bacteria, which are resistant to colistin. In this work, we provide new insights into squalamine’s antibacterial mechanism of action compared with other known antibiotics.

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