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Oct 2008 Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII

NK cell-mediated targeting of human cancer and possibilities for new means of immunotherapy.


Malmberg KJ, Bryceson YT, Carlsten M, Andersson S, Björklund A, Björkström NK, Baumann BC, Fauriat C, Alici E, Dilber MS, Ljunggren HG


Insights into the molecular basis for natural killer (NK) cell recognition of human cancer have been obtained in recent years. Here, we review current knowledge on the molecular specificity and function of human NK cells. Evidence for NK cell targeting of human tumors is provided and new strategies for NK cell-based immunotherapy against human cancer are discussed. Based on current knowledge, we foresee a development where more cancers may be subject to treatment with drugs or other immunomodulatory agents affecting NK cells, either directly or indirectly. We also envisage a possibility that certain forms of cancers may be subject to treatment with adoptively transferred NK cells, either alone or in combination with other therapeutic interventions.

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