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Feb 2014 Journal of cellular physiology

PAP/HIP protein is an obesogenic factor.


Secq V, Mallmann C, Gironella M, Closa D, Christa L, Montalto G, Dusetti N, Iovanna JL


In this article we report the obesogenic role of the acute phase protein PAP/HIP. We found that the transgenic TgPAP/HIP mice develop spontaneous obesity under standard nutritional conditions, with high levels of glucose, leptin, and LDL and low levels of triglycerides and HDL in blood. Accordingly, PAP/HIP-deficient mice are skinny under standard nutritional conditions. We also found that expression of PAP/HIP is induced in intestinal epithelial cells in response to gavage with olive oil and this induction is AG490 sensitive. We demonstrated that incubation of 3T3-L1 preadipocytes with a low concentration as 1 ng/ml of recombinant PAP/HIP results in accelerated BrdU incorporation in vitro. PAP/HIP-dependent adipocytes growth is sensitive to the MEK inhibitor U0126. Finally, patients with severe obesity present higher blood levels of PAP/HIP than non-obese control individuals. Altogether our data suggest that PAP/HIP could be a mediator of fat tissue development, released by the intestine and induced by the presence of food into the gut.

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